MHorseP3 – VST Mastering Processor

Mhorse P3 is a parallel mastering VST plugin developed by Terry West, a Dutch developer specialized in developing professional effects plugins, with a great list of Compressors and Equalizers. This mastering processor contains basically everything you need to master your final mix.


  • Full Bypass.
  • EQ Bypass.
  • In/Output -3dB option.
  • 3 parallel parametric equalizers.
  • 6 Q’s per band. 4 freq. for low, mid, high.
  • Boost/cut option per band.
  • Peak/LoShelf/HiShelf.
  • Loudness boost filter.
  • Combined Par/Ser EQ option (post ser).
  • Special filters: Mellow, Punch, Body and Shine (39K) modes.
  • MS Parallel Clarity processor.
  • NY Parallel Compressor.
  • NY Solo, link/unlink channels, Motown & Aural enhancer.
  • 3 bands Parallel Mojo Tape Saturator. DC remover.
  • MS Parallel Stereo Widener without loss off center.
  • CrossTalk emulator (2 modes: Vintage, Modern).
  • Invert output switch.
  • Pan controller.
  • Old style VU meters (-60dB~+6dB).
  • VU Headroom indicators (-10~+6).
  • VU lights on/off animation.
  • Pan peak/correlation and Source material detector meters.
  • Input/output 3-color peak leds.
  • 3-color i/o headroom leds for low, mid, high.
  • Parallel/Serial switch.
  • Effects energy/compress meters.
  • Tooltips.



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