MIQU 01/16 – MIDI Step Sequencer

MIQU 01/16 is an Advanced Midi-Step sequencer developed by Klangmanipulation featuring pitch, octave, slide, velocity, pan, user and 2 manual modes.

It also features a random mode so you can achieve really interesting results by randomizing the sequence and by playing around with the controls.

With the sequencer, you can define different direction modes like forward, backward, bounce and random. You can also define the number of steps, direction and speed for each section which makes this even more flexible when working with MIDI sequences.

Step sequencers have been around since the beginning of the electronic music history and here is your chance to get busy with one.


  • built-in bassline
  • 8 sequencer sections: pitch, octave, slide, velocity, pan, user, Manual 1&2
  • variable number of steps (up to 16), direction and speed for each section.
  • Different direction modes like: forward, backward, bounce and random
  • retrigger, key-run, randomize and pattern-shift for each section.
  • 3 tempo synchable midi-LFOs.
  • pitch rescaler with capture mode.

Minimum recommented resolution: 1280×1024
This vsti-plugin is freeware for PC/Windows.


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