Seen it before? As a MIDI instrument? As a VST plugin?

When you play pong, you play music. You can try it as an applet, though that’s not half as cute as connecting it to a nice soft-synth sound, adding a few effects (arpeggiator, anyone?) and letting it play some loops for you.

Note that I’ve used the Java VST libraries jvaptools and jvstwrapper (thanks guys!) which apparently has problems with Cocoa-based hosts on the Mac. It works fine in Ableton Live, though it crashes Audacity. And they haven’t yet done a linux version, sorry.

To set up a MIDI plugin in Ableton Live, do the following: Create a MIDI track and drop in the pong plugin. Create a soft-synth track. Set the soft-synth MIDI From to the pong MIDI track. Set the Input Type to pong VST plugin. Arm the softsynth track, play pong and enjoy.

For your incidental compositions you can choose computer, keyboard or mouse control (or gamecontroller if you get the source) for the left and right rackets. You can choose the scale that pong plays notes from when the ball is hit. You can choose the tempo of the performance. The MIDI output device. The MIDI channel. This pong uses Swing and requires Java 1.4 or newer.



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  • June 18, 2007 at 9:40 am


    I also made a ponggame, well the music for pong. My concept is a little bit different from yours, i use soundfiles in a martix that get triggered by the ball but it’s also quite aleatoric. Fun to see that other people like the combination games + music too

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