Sunvox – Modular Sequencer Synthesizer

sunvox28 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 802px) 100vw, 802px" />SunVox is a small, fast and powerful free modular synthesizer featuring a pattern-based sequencer like the old school music trackers. It is a tool for those music producers who like to compose music on the go as it is compatible with almost every device. SunVox is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Maemo, Meego, Raspberry Pi, Windows Mobile (WindowsCE), PalmOS, iOS and Android.

Here is a little video demo of Sunvox in action.


Main Features

  • Modular interface.
  • Highly optimized synth algorithms.
  • Flexible architecture: SunVox can working on various devices.
  • Built-in synthesizers & effects:
    • Analog Generator;
    • DrumSynth with 120 unique synthetic drum sounds;
    • FM synthesizer;
    • MetaModule (use it to build your own synths/effects);
    • Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI, AIFF);
    • SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for warm atmospheric sounds);
    • Side Chain Compressor;
    • Distortion;
    • Echo;
    • 3Band equalizer;
    • Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
    • Flanger;
    • Loop (for glitch effects);
    • Reverb;
    • Vocal Filter (for human voice simulation);
    • Vorbis Player;
    • WaveShaper;
    • and more …
  • Multitrack WAV export.
  • MIDI import/export.
  • MIDI IN/OUT (except PalmOS and Windows Mobile).
  • Real-time sample recording.
  • Real-time recording of any types of sound events (notes, Touch Theremin, controllers).
  • XM (FastTracker) and MOD (ProTracker, OctaMED) import.
  • Supported sound systems: ASIO, DirectSound, MME, ALSA, OSS, JACK (iOS and Linux), Audiobus;
  • iOS version is compatible with iRig Mic


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