Toscanalyzer – Free Audio Analysis Tool

Toscanalyzer is a powerful audio analysis tool for mixing and mastering. Toscanalyzer helps you to mix and master better. It is not only an analysis tool but a complete guide to understand why your song sounds as it sounds. Toscanalyzer lets you compare audible and visually your project to any reference songs in a very convenient way. Toscanalyzer offers a clear project view including many options to analyze. The analysis gives you a detailed report about possible problems and in addition a clear guidance how to fix it.


-Identification of problems in digitally stored music mainly in the range of mixing and mastering.
-Analysis and comparison of music and / or music albums with a compact representation of important characteristics.
-Guidance and assistance for the sustainable improvement of the material.
-Visualization of Audio / Music – Productions
-Stable and cross-platform application with Java
-Installation packages for MS Windows, MacOS and Linx
-Support for Wave and MP3 formats
-Export all or selected parts of the album as an audio file
-Automatic Reports
-Spectral comparison of the characteristics of all tracks.
-A/B Comparision
-Comparison of any two audio files
-Direct comparison of PCM wave data
-Visual representation of the gain curve
-Spectral comparison including deviation curve
-Analysis of whole tracks or selected sections.
-Scalable representation of the PCM wave data with overview window
-K-System meter readings by Bob Katz (Boradcast, Music, Theatre)
-Frequency band analysis on 4 bands and sub-band.
-Frequency band distribution in stereo space
-Power distribution across stereo space and deviation
-Representation of spectrum with frequency and tonal scaling, smoothing functions for removing visual tonal information
-Musical Analysis to determine the key
-Context sensitive help, always up to date over the Internet

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