Based on such venerable 1970s analog synthesizers as the Putney, Serge, and Moog, the VS-2 returns to the non-discrete, approximate world of (virtual) analog synthesis.

Patch cords are replaced with menus, and most outputs can be patched to most inputs. However, there is no chance of a mixup between audio and control signals…

Everything is approximate, with the exception of frequency. Some modules (filter, clock, ramp, sequencer) have an ‘analog/digital’ switch which reveals data to allow for ‘digital’ tuning.

Certain modules (reverb and sequencer) attempt to retain the loveable, but cheezy quality of the 70’s analog gear.


To use, just double click the application icon. Then,

1. Turn on the power switch
2. Open the Oscillator module
3. Click and drag to select an audio rate frequency (+20 Hz) in Osc1
4. Select an waveshape from the waveshape menu
5. Open the Mixer module
6. Select Osc1 as its input
7. Raise the gain.

You should hear something coming out of your speakers…

Click the red help button for information/help on each module.

Requires OSX. Built with 10.3.4

Created using Max and MSP (www.cycling74.com)



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